Every city will inevitably grow old, no matter how prosperous it has been. The decline after prosperity always makes people sigh. Civilization can't bear to abandon, so as long as the city still has the inner consciousness, it will rise and fall, and will be refined, and the flowers will gradually bloom in the sigh, and the city will return to the new face, and the prosperity will return to the new face. In this homeland.


The 3,000-year-old Chengdu City has experienced such prosperity and ups and downs, taking root from the changes of the times and blooming flowers. Mengchaiwan, a prosperous industrial area in Chengdu during the 1950s and 1960s, gradually grew older after the millennium and fell into disappointment. Fortunately, Chengdu is such a city with a very deep life consciousness. It has only been two or three years after the efforts of all parties, and it has come alive again, with the bright colors of the new generation and its own bright History, also with a thousand years of endless fireworks.


项目背景  Project Background


The project is located along the Jinjiang River in Chenghua District, Chengdu, China, and is the gateway to the central urban area of Chenghua District.In the 1950s and 60s of the last century, in the wave of socialist industrialization, various large-scale state-owned enterprises were building factories and dormitories here, making the Mengchiwan area prosperous and prosperous. After 2000, with the decline of traditional industries, this urban area gradually became old and dilapidated.In 2018, the Chenghua District Government launched the urban upgrading and reconstruction project of the entire Mengchai Bay area. It plans to comprehensively upgrade the city image, industrial transformation, human environment, and economic recovery to design and upgrade the landscape.


现状与问题  Status and problems


The reconstruction scope includes the 1km long Binhe Road, two sections of Wangping Binhe Road, Tianxiang Binhe Road, several lanes between Binhe Road and Tianxiang and Wangping streets, and an old courtyard at the southern end of Wangping Street ( Wangpingfang) comprehensive transformation.


Wangpingfang includes the former site of the original carton factory textile factory, the original IRS and the family building, etc. The buildings and landscapes are badly damaged, the traffic in the courtyard is chaotic, and the public space is congested by various old objects and is unrealistic. The sorting out of traffic, the release of public space, and the renewal of the image of the place are all great challenges.


The original 7-meter wide two-way municipal road on the Binhe Road section occupied the main space of the entire Binhe Road. There were no sidewalks and buffer distances between the driveway and shops, and people and vehicles were mixed. Relatively simple. Some roads are occupied by cars and become parking lots, compressing the passing space. Because there is no leisure space, nearby residents can only sit on the side of the road with a small bench to rest. The 5-6 meters wide riverfront green belt is surrounded by shrubs and fences, making it a useless space for citizens to enter and stay. The riverside pedestrian walkway is close to the river bank railing and is only two meters wide. It can't stop and relax.

设计策略 Design Strategy


The design starts with function and culture. Through combing the spatial structure and site context, with innovative design language and modern technology interactive technology, the site’s past and present dialogues are realized, creating a historical memory that connects the place, full of Chengdu flavor A very stylish and open city space with vitality. Let the original citizens and surrounding citizens have a better living space, and continue to attract merchants to settle in, tourists visit, forming a new tourist destination.





In order to expand the pedestrian space and reduce the circulation speed of the entire area, the Binhe Road section has created more opportunities for people to stay and commercial vitality. The design has changed the 7-meter motor vehicle lane into a 4-meter bicycle lane, and at the same time created a vision by implanting new elements Even a tactile experience.

At the same time, the design carefully combed the green belt, retained the vigorous growing trees, canceled the original green fence, and removed some shrubs and ground covers in sections, part of which was restored into an accessible under-forest leisure platform, part Planted into a rich and colorful understory flower garden.


Along the 500-meter-long riverfront, after integration, there are about 10 function-rich leisure platforms, forming a diverse living space zone. After reorganization, the riverside walkway and street-side business became more circulated.



In order to better open the internal courtyard space, Yifang completely opened the bottom entrance of the original IRS. Through the visually striking scene processing, a wide and colorful main entrance channel was formed, allowing visitors to enter the courtyard in surprise. The original narrow entrance channels on both sides of the north and south have also been built into the landscape scene to implant the historical memory of the place and enrich the passing experience.


According to the scale of the site and the new functional positioning of the surrounding buildings,the internal courtyard has formed a theater space mainly for display interaction and a living space mainly for leisure communication, through which a variety of artistic and fun channels The connection makes the entire inner courtyard full of surprises.


二、呼应场地历史文化  Echo the site history and culture through node design


The landscape design presents a long river of industrial time in Hua District by means of ground carving, light and shadow installation, interactive installation, etc., so that the public can find the memories of the place here.From 1953, the first electronic industrial project in Jinjiao Electric Factory in Dongjiao Industrial Zone, until 1998, Chengdu Guangming Equipment Factory became the first professional manufacturer of quantitative production of lanthanide glass in China. In the industrial memory of the district, the design sorted out the 10 firsts of the history of industrial development in Chenghua District and reproduced it in a new language. 



In the part of 1953, the design set a set of linear devices on the leisure platform. From the elongated slits of the device, one frame by one frame of old photos can be peeped along the linear drawing axis. The first electronic industry in Dongjiao Industrial Zone The entire history of the project Jinjiang Motor Factory is in sight; the back of the device is designed as a set of benches, back against the bench, in front of a projection screen composed of a rotating curtain, the curtain turns into a plane when the movie is played, and the curtain turns when there is no movie. Into the side and display the logo of Mengchaiwan.

1958年段,成都红光电子管厂 我国第一支黑白显像管。设计用一面大尺幅的变色玻璃来讲述了这段历史。

In he part of 1958, Chengdu Hongguang Electron Tube Factory was the first color picture tube in my country. The design uses a large-scale color-changing glass to tell this history.


In he part of 1988,Chengdu Guangming Equipment Factory ranked first in the world in terms of production and sales of optical glass. This past history has brought interesting inspiration to the place-the design of a "wall of light" inlaid with concave lenses, convex lenses, prisms and reflectors made of different optical glasses, created a series of Opportunity for King Interactive, those optical glasses that remember the glorious history are here integrated with the new city life.


三、望平坊的滨水夜生活  Waterfront leisure nightlife


The leisure life on the waterfront is the typical life scene of Chengdu, the leisure capital. As an important place in old Chengdu, the chasing bay must of course be the big stage of leisure life. The leisure and comfort of old Chengdu people are placed here. Try to inject more vitality here and attract new generations to visit. Through the design of night lights and the use of new materials, the night scenes are not only colorful but also full of interactive fun.


A corridor of time and space connects Wangpingfang and Bingjiang Road. The top of the corridor is a wavy canopy formed by 5800 small LCD screens. This wavy giant LCD screen can play any picture or even film and television programs. The two sides of the tunnel are infinitely magnified by an atomic mirror with a height of more than 6 meters. The sky and the pedestrians on the ground are projected repeatedly, making this tunnel full of ever-changing magic.The arch from the old photos of Chengdu stands at the end of the space-time tunnel through the construction of glass bricks. The transformation of the lights is reflected by the glass and is full of dreamy colors, showing the blend of new and old.



At night, the ground light strips on the riverside bicycle lane show different colors as the bicycle passes, increasing the fun of riding at night. Every leisure platform has the interaction of night lights, attracting more people to come to the river to play and relax.




The overall transformation of the Mengchaiwan project has improved the cultural and creative and Internet industry chains, driven the benign development of the industry and improved the living and tourism environment of the Mengchaiwan, and also created more high-quality service jobs and increased tourism income. The combing of vegetation gives plants more space to grow. With the opening of the platform, the street life on the street is closely connected with the riverside, and the sight corridors allow the scenery on both sides of the Jinjiang River to blend with each other.The landscape reconstruction of Mengchai Bay reorganizes the original urban space and ecological base, applies modern and stylish design language and new technologies, and reawakens the originally inactivated space, so that local citizens can live happily here and become teenagers. , A new destination for young people. The renewal of the entire block also brings new opportunities and value to the city's image, industrial transformation, and economic recovery.




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